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Wakashio: Japan P&I begins payment to helpers and fishermen

The payment of individual claims by Japan P&I begins this week. An amount of Rs 1miilion will be paid to a first batch of 50 persons on Tuesday 26th January 2021. The recipients consist of the helpers and fishermen in the affected area of the MV Wakashio oil spill who were not eligible to obtain the Solidarity Grant from the Government of Mauritius and any other financial assistance up to now.

The Solidarity Grant consisted of Rs 10,200 which was paid to fishermen, fishmongers, and Pleasure Craft Licensees/Operators/Workers. The monthly grant aimed to compensate for the halting of sea activities in the affected regions of the MV Wakashio oil spill.

Japan P&I received 3000 individual claims which have already been processed by experts from Japan and Mauritius and payment will be effected 3 times per month as from the 26th of January 2021. The Claims Handling Office of Japan P&I in Mauritius will contact each claimant and will provide details on the date of payment.

It is to be noted that Japan P&I has already settled two claims received from the Government of  Mauritius namely the payment of the Solidarity Grant for the month of August 2020 which amounted to around Rs10 million and helicopter assistance during the Salvage Operation after the unfortunate incident of the MV Wakashio oil spill. Claims for the payments of the Solidarity Grant from September to December 2020 are under process and reimbursement will be completed in February 2021. 

Japan P&I is working in collaboration with all stakeholders, including the Mauritian Government, to ensure that all affected parties are compensated.