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Skin Care: 5 tips to keep healthy skin?


Maintaining a healthy skin can be a challenge sometimes. Bearing that in mind, Kristèle Ng Man Sun, Founder of o.Moi Skincare & Le Temple Holistique, brings to you five tips to maintain a healthy skin along with suggestions of beauty products you can try to keep your skin healthy or to add to your skin care routine.

1. Keep your skin clean

Whether you wear makeup or not, it is primordial to cleanse your skin every single day. If you do wear makeup, then removing it with the right cleanser is essential to dissolve the makeup on the eyes and face. I would highly recommend a double cleansing routine, should you have heavy makeup on, with a foaming cleanser for instance. If you don’t have makeup on, then a foaming cleanser is enough for a daily facial cleanse to help remove all the impurities and pollution that have settled on the skin surface during the day. Moreover, it is important to wash your face in the morning, especially if you have a tendency to have oily skin so as to remove the excess sebum so there is no barrier that prevents the effective absorption of the nutrients from your skincare products applied afterwards.

Once or twice a week, spare an additional 10 minutes to deeply cleanse your skin, unclog your pores and scrub away dead cells on your skin surface with an exfoliating product and apply a mask most adapted to your skin needs afterwards.


  • For makeup removal: Moringa & Cherry Cleansing Balm (for face and eyes) by o.Moi Skincare 
  • To effectively wash the face morning and night: Mousseline Tomate Nettoyante by Ella Baché
  • 2-in-1 exfoliator and mask for busy bees: Bamboo Scrub & Mask by o.Moi Skincare
  • Instant glow and beauty enhancer mask: Masque Soir de Fête by Ella Baché
  • For blemished skin: Masque Intex no.2 by Ella Baché

2. Protect against sun damage

Maybe you are among those who love being tanned, looking like these fit beach babes. Or maybe you’re simply exposed to the sun rays, despite your own wishes, while driving or walking in town. Whichever category you fall into, a sun block is highly recommended against sun damage, which accelerates premature ageing. The beach babe look will quickly turn into a withered and wrinkly skin as UVA rays damage your skin cells – collagen and elastin fibres, over-stimulate your melanocytes to produce uneven melanin, which in turn cause brown spots, while the UVB rays will cause sunburns, hence damaging the outer layers of your skin. Therefore, would you rather keep your skin healthy for a longer time or have an ephemeral “BayWatch” look?


  • Daily urban protection for face: Daily UV Defense SPF 50+ by Ella Baché
  • For face and body protection: Age Protect Solaire SPF 50+ by Ella Baché

3. Avoid dehydrated skin: drink more water

The first step towards delaying ageing is to simply moisturise the skin. Many think that they have dry skin when they only have dehydrated skin, that is, a lack of water on the skin surface. An oily skin, for example, can be dehydrated as it is a skin condition and not a skin type; so it means that the oily skin is oily in the deeper layers with an excess production of sebum, while the superficial layer of the skin is lacking water, so dehydrated due to the probable fact of using a skincare product which is too aggressive. 

A well hydrated skin also comes from drinking enough water during the day. The amount of water one should drink really depends on one’s size, weight,  lifestyle as well as where you live (whether you work out a lot , sweat abundantly etc.)

To know if your skin is dehydrated, you can press under your cheekbone and lift the skin upwards with the help of your forefinger. The numerous fine lines that appear will indicate how dehydrated your skin is. Another indication for some people is the lips – the latter become instantly drier should the body lack water. 

Therefore, a well hydrated body keeps your skin plump and healthy.


  • Neroli Face Cream (all skin types) by o.Moi Skincare
  • Crème Tomate (all skin types) by Ella Baché

4. Reduce stress: breathe, exercise

Have you ever experienced a burst of pimples, rashes or mild eczema when you’re stressed and overwhelmed? 

Stress can have a number of adverse health effects, including its impact on your skin. When you feel overwhelmed, just isolate yourself for 1 minute, close your eyes and simply take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Maybe it won’t make your troubles disappear, but it will definitely calm your heart beat down and hopefully calm your mind as well.

You may wish to also try yoga, massages or just do something that you enjoy and that takes your mind off things.


  • Locally for pimples: Sérum Magistral Sebatics 20.7% by Ella Baché
  • For mild eczema and sensitive itchy skin: All-In-One Balm by o.Moi Skincare
  • Yoga Sessions – Flow with Kristèle, Vinyasa Yoga (all levels) on www.letempleholistique.com

5. Sleep

There is a reason why it is often referred to as “beauty sleep”. It is recommended to sleep between 6h to 8h per night but it is also important to have a quality sleep. During this time, our cells are using all their energy on regeneration and repair. Repeated lack of sleep leads to tiredness, which has a direct impact on your body, your mood, breakouts and other skin issues on your skin. 

Should you be the anxious type and have difficulties falling asleep, yoga is a good way to help the body relax. You may wish to try Yin Yoga or any meditation which can help calm your mind and help you slowly doze off. 

You can also try to switch off your phone/ computer / laptop at least 30 minutes before and rest your eyes off the screen. Use this time to prepare yourself for bedtime by getting into your favourite PJs, listening to some soft music or applying your favourite body lotion / oil / cream in gentle massage movements.


  • Respire Nourishing Yogi Oil by o.Moi Skincare
Kristèle Ng Man Sun
o.Moi Skincare &
Le Temple Holistique