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Euro 2020

EURO 2020 | Steve McManaman: “It will be tough for England”

In an exclusive interview, the pundit from BT Sports shares with us his thoughts on the England National Team, which he met last week at Middlesbrough. Steve McManaman tells Afm.media, it will be tough for England in the Euro Championship. But according to him, if the three lions get through the group stage, “they’ll have the chance to play the Semi Finals and Final at Wembley, and this can be a massive boost” The former Liverpool / Real Madrid and England national team picks his Top Four and his winner for the Euro 2020 during the interview.


AFM.media : Your thoughts on this tournament which will be held in different conditions this time with the covid-19. Less fans in the stadium, do you think it will have an impact on the matches and players?  

Steve McManaman:  I think it will have an impact on the matches and players, a lot of teams are gonna be on their home grounds, England is gonna be there, of course Holland is playing in their home stadium, Germany as well. So it shouldn’t be having too much effect on them, but of course the lack of atmosphere will be a big issue…But I don’t think it should take away from the best team on the pitch.

Afm.media: Liverpool FC got many players in their respectives national teams this year. Is there any Liverpool player you think would be very important to his team in this tournament? 

Steve McManaman:  Probably Andy Robertson. He’s been in brilliant form for Liverpool this year, and he’s got a really important role to play for Scotland. As a Liverpool fan you want him to have a rest this summer, because his energy level has been so incredible for Liverpool this year, but I think he’ll have a big part to play for Scotland. 

Afm.media: 24 teams, one trophy, we are sure that you’ll be supporting England?

Steve MacManaman:  Absolutely, I’ll be supporting England. I was up with the England team last Thursday when they were in Middleborough before the game, so speaking to a few of the players; they were very excited. You know they’ve got a great chance, it is a very young team, very inexperienced, that’s the only thing you would say, but a huge amount of talent. They are home for a lot of the games. If they get through the first group of games, they might have a difficult game against Portugal or Spain or someone like that. But after that the Semi Finals and Final at Wembley. So we’ve got a wonderful chance of progressing.

Afm.media: Do you think they can be contendants for the Trophy?

Steve McManaman:  Absolutely. It’s gonna be really difficult, of course it is a hard tournament to win, I know hope and expectations are on this England team, it’s gonna be really difficult, but of course they have a chance.

Afm.Media: If you have to pick a Top Four it would be? 

Steve McManaman:  Probably somebody like England I hope, France would be extremely strong,…Italy are playing well under Mancini, you know Portugal of course, you got Spain which would come again, they’ll be good, Germany brought a few players back, Thomas Muller, Mats Hummels  back in the squads good result the other day.

Afm.Media: And your winner would be?

Steve McManaman:  It would probably be France 

Afm.Media: The transfer market is actually boiling with rumours, do you have any player in mind that Liverpool should follow in this tournament?

Steve McManaman:  Not particularly. You know Mbappe is a wonderful talent. We know that the France team is exciting. No doubt there would be superstars emerging. 

Afm.Media: Last question Steve, we can’t let you go without a word on your team Liverpool Football Club, which had a difficult season last year. Do you think they’ll bounce back next year? 

Steve McManaman:  Absolutely easy question to finish on, of course they’ll bounce back. They’ve already brought a decent defender; everybody will be fit and well.  You know, after the Euro, if they are contenders or not in Euro, they should have a really good holiday now and come back in August and be ready to go again. And Liverpool will definitely challenge next year. See you later everybody, love to speak to you all.