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Euro 2020

EURO 2020 | Mikaël Silvestre: “France is the favorite, allez les bleus”

After Steve Mcmanaman and Ian Rush, Mikaël Silvestre, former defender of Manchester United and France national team shares his thoughts on the Euro 2020 tournament in an exclusive interview to Afm.media. For Silvestre, France will surely make it to the final and he thinks that Belgium would be a contender too as well as the English national team. Mikaël Silvestre shares his top four with us and his winner for the tournament and tells fans to have an eye on Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes and Jude Bellingham.


AFM.media : Your thoughts on this tournament which will be held in different conditions this time with the covid-19. Less fans in the stadium, do you think it will have an impact on the matches and players? 

Mikaël Silvestre: Well, I think the fact that there will be fewer fans in the stadiums will change what we will be able to witness on the pitch. So, I am just glad it’s gonna happen and very glad that supporters are back in the stadiums. It’s very important for the atmosphere and also for the people watching on tv. It’s not gonna be fake noises. So it will have an impact on the players, a good one, even if it’s less in numbers obviously.

Afm.media: Manchester United got many players who will be playing for their respective countries, who would be the most important for his team? 

Mikaël Silvestre: I mean every United player involved in the competition will have an impact. I don’t think that there’s anyone particularly more important than the others. We could probably say that yeah, Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes would have a major role to play for their countries but it’s seen at the club level. I think once you play for the national team, it’s a step higher, more responsibilities. It’s just a great opportunity and a great moment in your career. I hope they have a good one and enjoy it. 

Afm.media: It’s without a doubt that you’ll be supporting France in this tournament? 

Mikaël Silvestre: Yes, I will indeed be supporting France as I was playing from the age of 16 until 30 years old. At the youth level and at the senior level it was always important. So, whenever the team is involved in a tournament, we’ve been qualifying for the entire major tournament recently, so it’s a pleasure to watch ‘Les Bleus’ and support them. 

Afm.Media: France will be a serious contender? 

Mikaël Silvestre: Yes, obviously France will be one of the favorites. You can’t say they are the only one, but having won the World Cup two years ago, in Russia and also thinking that the team came better at the club level. You’ve got to think that France should at least reach the Final. This is the objective, but over 90 minutes you never know what can happen. There is a good chance France will reach the final, for sure. 

Afm.Media: What would be your Top Four?

Mikaël Silvestre: My Top Four would be France, Portugal, England and Belgium. But you know predictions are just predictions. 

My winner would surely be France, ‘Allez les Bleus’. 

Afm.Media: Any specific player you think we should follow during this tournament? 

Mikaël Silvestre: If he got to play for sure, Jude Belligham. Because, we’ve seen him playing in international matches and in the Bundesliga. It would be good for him to shine with England at such a young age. I’m just impatient to see him playing for England and doing well, like many other young players. Yes, for sure, maybe we should have a look at him.