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Think like a monk – Jay Shetty

Has it ever happened to you to meet someone who suddenly changes your perspective on life?  For Jay Shetty, the blue-eyed social media superstar, hearing a monk speak for the first time at age 21 changed his life. “For the next three years, I spent half my summer vacations working for a large financial organization with suits, steak houses and bars and the other half living as a monk in India wearing robes, sleeping on the floor and living out of a gym locker.  After three years of back-and-forth, I chose the self-growth and service-focused life of being a monk. For the next three years, I went to live with monks. I woke up at 4 am, meditated for 4-8 hours, studied timeless wisdom and served others in nearby communities. But I couldn’t stay there forever. I knew there was a different purpose for my life. It was time to go home.”

Jay Shetty

Back in the real life, Jay applied what he has learnt from the monks:

“Gratitude wasn’t just a concept, it boosted my immune system, mood and quality of sleep. Mastering the mind didn’t just make me feel calm, it helped me manage negativity and overcome overthinking. Discipline wasn’t joyless, it was a meaningful and powerful force to make an impact. Meditation wasn’t just a practice, it gave me clarity, confidence and focus. Empathy didn’t just apply to monks, it improved all my relationships. Mindfulness wasn’t just a tool, it was a way of life.”

For Jay, “living as a monk was like going to life school…”“Whether you want to find your purpose, manage negativity, build real confidence or overcome your fears, the tools I learned when I lived as a monk truly do work.”

Jay’s first book Think like a Monk was released in 2020.  Therein he shares his experience and the wisdom he gained living as a monk and shows readers how to create space for reflection and to look internally.  In September 2020, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Amazon named the book on their bestseller lists. Live like a monk is available in all Bookcourt shops.